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You need to get out of
everyday´s routine and stress. You want a break and time for yourself. And you want to change something, but you do not know how.
Die Ferienakademie shows you the way to new ideas and perspectives.
An inspiring ambience creates the space to search for your own sources of
What awaits you in a workshop of the Ferienakademie? You will learn about storytelling and why your favorite movie touches you so much. Then you´ll have a look at your own life from the "cinema perspective". And finally, dare to (re) write the script for your own future life.


Why is it about movies?
Good films tell us a story that touches us. And sometimes we need stories, because they help us see a new perspective in a lost situation. Films can be bridges to our own lives. For example, a movie hero can tell us a lot about ourselves.
The workshop is based on the storytelling theory of  Joseph Campbell. Storytelling is the art of telling stories and every good director uses it. If you know more about it, you will understand why some movie stories touch us and others do not.


The perfect location for the academy is a village in the Andalusian mountains. There is no noise, no hassle and no distraction. Pure nature and the serenity of the south. Here, your mind feels clear and space opens for new thoughts.
The environment surrounding the small mountain village also invites you to go hiking and to linger at picturesque corners.


The various wellness Therapies of the Ferienakademie make your stay a feel-good holiday.< Neues Textfeld >>


Ellen Kleila, Head Coach

M.A. Social Sciences,
Storytelling Coach


Storytelling is the art of telling stories. Stories are good for us, they offer heart-to-heart communication and we need them more than we suspect. For many years working as a filmmaker and journalist for television I used nonfictional storytelling to structure my films. But this method can also be applied perfectly to "real" life. Every human being can search for the hero in his or her own personal "film of life". I would like to invite you to start this search in a small Spanish village, the place where I have found creative inspiration for many years. A hidden place, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Here you will also get to know Andalusia away from the tourist routes.



Silke Frey
is the wellness therapist in the team
She takes care of the wellness program. Wellness and reflexology massages help release tensions and stress.


Alicia Garcia
offers Pilates. After an hour of core training, your body feels comfortably stretched.



Anne Hunt
is the owner of Casa Ana, a boutique guest house which is considered to be one of the most enchanting in the whole region. Anne´s team takes care of the accommodation, meals and general well-being.


Discover your own story
The hero's journey to yourself


Date: 28.5.2018 - 02.06.2018
(Arrival: 27.05.2018 departure: 02.06.2018)
Location: Casa Ana, 18414 Ferreirola (La Taha) Granada
4  seminar sessions of 4 hours each
4  movement meditations

400,- Euros
7 nights with breakfast
350 Euro
Total price: 750, - Euro
For optimal training success, the number of participants is limited to 12.
A journey to new shores
Find new perspectives with storytelling
3 coachings of 1.5 hours in length of 4 weeks via Skype.
400, - Euro
Great journeys to new shores
Develop new perspectives and ideas


Individual coaching
Please consult prices
Additional bookable offers:
Spanish lessons                                  By appointment
Pilates                         60 min                      15, - Euro
Seawater swimming pool                              6, - Euro
Reflexology massages                                  35, - Euro
Wellness massage       60 min                       30, - Euro
Lunch                                                            15, - Euro
Dinner 3 courses                                           28, - Euro
Lunch box                                                     11, - Euro
Travel expenses are not included and the arrival must be self-organized.
We are happy to give you tips for planning.





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