• to activate your healing energy                   
  • speed up your immune system                    
  •  understand your back                         




Does life sometimes feel like you ended up in the wrong movie?


- because your backpain sometimes kills you?

- because you have tried everything to get your weight under control?

- because stress brought you the borderline of burnout?

- Do you urgently need a break and time to take care of yourself?


Answered "Yes" to more than 2 questions?


Then we are waiting for you at the holiday academy:




These are the three basic keys for a healthy life!!!

Finding your way to a better health balance

Knowledge about your back

Is your back making life difficult for you?

The back coaching brings you through mindful self-observation of the back, physiotherapy training and many valuable tips on how to deal with your back in a new way. We get to the bottom of your problem and you learn how to avoid pain.


Has stress brought you to the point of burnout? Would you like to leave the hustle and bustle behind you, come back to yourself and take a deep breath? But there is no time for that in everyday life?

The aim of coaching is to discover your sources of strength and to learn to find the right level with which you feel healthy, happy and in harmony with yourself.


Knowledge about food

Have you tried everything to get your weight under control? In your coaching, your very personal situation is the focus. You will recognize what is missing in order to rearrange your eating habits.

Regulations and prohibitions are definitely missing!



This is where you can find us...



A remote village, hidden in the mountains of Granada´s Sierra Nevada, is the right place to find your balance. No noise. No stress. No rush. Instead...


...silence, nature and the serenity of Andalucia. Your personal coach helps you to recover your balance.


Sabina writes about her time at the holiday academy DIE FERIENAKADEMIE:

Completely exhausted I travelled to see Ellen in the Alpujarra. Arriving and going straight to zero was my experience there. Many conversations and then also the unique calming landscape of the Alpujarra made it that I travelled home after 10 days, like after a rejuvenation treatment.


You live in a typical Andalusian village with original surroundings and a Moorish past


... with Sepp and Angela in a cozy B&B  https://ww.sierraymar.com


.... with Anne Hunt in the Guest House Casa Ana https://www.casa-ana.com


... or in a private house with Barbara https://www.houseinthealpujarra.com


In addition to your coaching, there is enough time for hiking, excursions and sunbathing. You can hike with a guide or on your own on ancient mule tracks and enjoy spectacular views


... and cultural highlights await you only 90 minutes away: you drift through the alleys of Granada and visit the Alhambra, the world-famous palace of the Moorish kings. You stroll through the Arab quarter, where time seems to have stood still, and take a break in one of the countless places to enjoy tapas and wine.


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