Ellen Kleila 

Health Coach

Storytelling Expert


M.A. Physical Education, Pedagogy, Sports Medicine)





My guideline on my path as a coach:


You can´t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.





My own path has not been a straight line. First I became a physiotherapist, then I went to university to become a scientist and for more then 25 years I was a journalist and filmmaker and worked for the german tv channels ZDF, 3sat and arte.

After all that, I had accomplished pretty much everything I had ever dreamed of and it was time for a new challenge: as a health coach I want to pass on all of my knowledge to people who are looking for more balance in their life, because after all, health is what really matters.

I created the holiday academy DIE FERIENAKADEMIE, from where I offer coachings that will help you to reflect, to overcome old patterns and to find balanced health through personal coaching. I offer only three different coachings, because I've dealt with these three topics all my life: the back, weightproblems and stress. I have developed solutions for myself over many years and they have worked. That´s why I´m convinced that we can find the best solution for you too.


I work with PERSONAL STORYTELLING in my coachings, because I know searching for balance begins with looking at the path you walked so far. My goal is to help you restore your personal mindset and to find back to balance.


PERSONAL STORYTELLING means I look at you as the star of your life-story. Your unique, great and distinctive story has created your mindset. In our coachings we will have look at your personal story and find out what blocked you and brought you out of balance. We will find the key situations, and then will develop a very personal solution to your problem.


As a TV journalist and filmmaker, I learned how good storytelling gives films and storys its structure and strength. Then, at some point I also realized how powerful storys are all over our world, how they occupy, drive or slow us down. That's why for me we are all main caracters in our life films. And here are only some of the parallels that exist between us and movie stars:


    ...we face challenges every day

    ...we have to be ready to solve problems

    ...this cannot be done without trust in our own abilities

    ...we know that the hurdles are sometimes high

    ...we often doubt and that paralyzes us

    ...yet we find the strength to pull it off


So contact me and find out how you can change your balance story into a story with a happy ending!


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