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I work with PERSONAL STORYTELLING in my coaching because I am convinced that the search for balance begins with looking at the path you walked so far. My goal is to help you to restore your own personal mindset and to find an individual way to your balance.

PERSONAL STORYTELLING makes you the main caracter of the plot. In individual coachings we have a look at your personal story and find out what blocks you and brings you out of balance. Then we will develop a very personal solution to your problem.





Our Coachings



Learn to listen to your back


Is your back making life difficult for you? This means that you have not yet learned to speak openly with your back. Yes, that sounds strange, but there is an interaction between thoughts, emotions and your attitude. But in order to recognize these connections through careful self-observation of the back, you need expert support.


In this special coaching we work out the stress profile that your back is exposed to. We find new ways to change this profile so that you are doing your back good instead of putting even more strain on it.


My professional knowhow and my own experience (2 herniated discs at the age of 28) and my knowledge as a sports scientist (master's thesis on the subject of lumbar spine syndrome), physiotherapist and health coach are the basis for your individual coaching. It takes into account that your back is just as unique and distinctive as you are.

This is how we do it:

History: Detailed analysis of the gait pattern and posture via video. Look for stressful habits in everyday life. Muscular status test. Status of the metabolic situation of the muscles.

Analysis of the mental mindset. What are the emotional triggers and irritations?

Analysis of external stress factors.

When all the results are in, the back exercise program begins. It consists of mindfulness exercises, core training, gait and movement training and discussions in which we develop the mindset with which you can better protect your back.




Come back on earth


Has stress brought you to the borderline of burnout? The world has never been more confusing, more frightening and complicated than today. At the same time, the demands placed on us are increasing. We should constantly adapt and reinvent ourselves to new situations. Who doesn't sometimes lose track? How are you supposed to find the clarity you need to stay authentic and in balance? You would like to leave the stress behind you, come back to yourself and take a deep breath. But there is no time for that in everyday life?

In this situation PERSONAL STORYTELLING can help. A coaching method based on the fact that stories have given us structure and order in complex contexts since ancient times. Your own story is best to give you a clear view of the daily chaos. looking at what happened without judging lets you discover completely new perspectives. It's a journey full of surprises and aha effects. But in the end, reflecting on your story will give you the clarity you need to be authentic.

The aim of coaching is to discover your sources of strength and to learn to find the right level with which you feel healthy, happy and in harmony with yourself.


This is how we do it:

The search for your own path begins by looking at the previous path. In individual coaching we look at your personal story and what it tells you about you. This type of coaching is called PERSONAL STORYTELLING.





What really matters about your weight


Have you tried everything to get your weight under control? Is your frustration limitless? The truth is: your weight is the mirror of your soul. A daring sentence, but the crucial one if you really want to change something in your weight. In coaching that focuses on you and your situation, you will recognize what is missing in order to redesign your eating habits. Regulations and prohibitions are definitely not. Instead, we will find out together which factors can change your situation.


This is how we do it:

Analysis of the nutritional situation. Why did it go wrong? First and foremost is the search for the "why". We'll find the points where your balance got out of hand. Your body has a nutritional history and we look at it without judging. There is where the key is to solving your problem.

We work out the individual solution that only applies to you. Because every person is different and no metabolism is the same. But controling this metabolism isn´t located  in your fat cells, but in your brain. I work on the basis of the latest neuroscientific findings and can thus work on the real root of the weight problem.



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